Provider Spotlight: Lindsay Dougal and Michelle Holmes-Bereavement Doulas

In honor of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness, we would like to highlight two wonderful doulas in our community who offer bereavement support to families suffering such a loss. Pregnancy loss is a difficult thing to go through. If you are going through a pregnancy loss, have done so in the past, or are facing an anticipated loss, know that you are not alone. There are others who have gone through the same thing, and there is a community ready to embrace you. Part of that community includes these two fabulous doulas who we will be introducing to you today. Both of these wonderful women offer support without cost for grieving families.

Lindsay Dougal is an amazing doula who serves Utah County and its surrounding areas. She is certified through Stillbirthday for bereavement. She is a passionate and fun human being who knows how to show true compassion. Lindsay's passion for working with birthing families is driven by her own experiences, so she can relate on a personal level. For more information, visit her website . She also has specific pages for bereavement and resources as shown below:

Michelle Holmes is a wonderful doula here in Utah, based out of Heber. She has a large number of certifications under her belt; she puts a great emphasis on education and training, so you can feel comfortable working with her no matter your circumstance! Michelle takes a variety of situations in stride and will professionally help you to do so too. Her website is and her bereavement page is

Erin Kearsley