How a Chiropractor Can Benefit You During Pregnancy

Pregnancy aches and pains – we've all been there. Pelvic pain, back pain, hip pain. Most of us know that if we have a sore back we can go to a chiropractor, but did you know that there are chiropractors specializing in the unique needs of pregnant women? Prenatal chiropractic care can make all the difference in your pain levels during pregnancy – and even confer a few surprising benefits as well. Here are a few reasons why you might want to visit a chiropractor during pregnancy.

Aches and Pains Are Just the Beginning

A prenatal chiropractic adjustment does wonders for the common aches and pains of pregnancy. During pregnancy, our bodies go through an incredible amount of change. We gain weight, our hips and pelvis relax and spread, our center of gravity is thrown off. It's no surprise that we feel out of whack! A pregnancy adjustment can help the body to be more aligned through each different stage. Your chiropractor will have special tools like positioning pillows and a drop-down table, so that you can comfortably rest your bump without any danger of discomfort or injury to you or your baby.

Chiropractic Care for Morning Sickness

It may seem crazy, but there is a possibility that regular prenatal chiropractic adjustments could actually help alleviate nausea, or morning sickness during pregnancy. Because bringing the spine into alignment helps your nervous system to fire correctly, your body may stop experiencing frequent nausea responses. It may not work for everyone – but at least your back and neck will feel great!

Pelvic Alignment for an Easier Pregnancy and Birth

Thanks to common parts of pregnancy like increased curving in the back, sticking our baby bumps out, and postural changes, it's very easy for the pelvis to become misaligned. When this happens, it can create a condition called intrauterine constraint – a fancy term for the baby not having enough room to move about comfortably in the womb. A baby who can't maneuver in the womb properly may have a hard time getting into the right position for labor, causing a longer or more painful delivery – and even a breech presentation. Speaking of breech...

A Prenatal Chiropractor May Help with Breech Babies

A breech, or head-up baby, can throw off the best-laid plans for a vaginal delivery. During the third trimester, a baby should make its way upside down so that its head is born first, but approximately 4% of babies remain in the breech position. Since most OB-GYNs are no longer trained to deliver breech babies vaginally, they are usually delivered by Cesarean section. A prenatal chiropractor certified in the Webster Technique, a gentle pelvic adjustment, can offer an 80% success rate in helping babies turn over into a head-down position in the third trimester.

The Webster Technique is done on a comfortable drop-down table and helps alleviate intrauterine constraint so that the baby can flip. The International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, which certifies prenatal chiropractors, recommends that this technique be used throughout the pregnancy to ensure that the pelvis is balanced and roomy for the baby's entire development.

Your doulas at Happy Mommy Utah are pleased to be able to recommend our clients the best prenatal chiropractors in the Salt Lake County area. Have you ever visited a chiropractor during pregnancy? What benefits did you experience?

Sarah Andreason