So It's the First Trimester...How Do You Feel?

The first trimester of pregnancy is a time of big changes and with those changes come big emotions. Sometime during this first trimester you discover you are pregnant. Then, you begin the journey of pregnancy, often experiencing the common, unpleasant symptoms of early pregnancy. You may announce your pregnancy during this trimester or you may wait until later. You seek a provider and begin to plan your pregnancy, labor, and life with a new baby.

Some people may tell you that you should be happy and excited during this time. You may feel an expectation to be positive through it all. And, indeed, you probably will feel that way some or even much of the time. If you were trying to conceive, getting that positive pregnancy test can be elating. Starting to build a birth team can be exciting and empowering. Sharing the happy news with friends and family can be fun and joyful. You may look down at your belly with wonder at the new life starting to grow inside it.

But, sometimes you may not feel excited or happy. You may feel sad or frustrated or worried. And those feelings are just as normal as the positive ones. Maybe your pregnancy was a surprise and you aren't sure you are happy to be pregnant at all. Maybe you have had a miscarriage in the past and are worried about losing another baby. Maybe your morning sickness leaves you feeling wrung out and wondering if it really is worth it. You are not alone. It is ok to feel the good and the bad. Women will experience a range of emotions during pregnancy.

This is a big time in your life and so the emotions you feel may also be very big. Or they may not. You may feel ambivalent or neutral about your pregnancy. That is also common and it is also ok to feel this way. Each pregnancy is unique and the emotions and feelings that go with it are also unique.

It is important to acknowledge how you are feeling and seek support if your emotions are overwhelming. This can be support from your significant other, family members, friends, or a professional. Just remember, you are the one growing a baby, and you need to take care of yourself mentally as well as physically. The more and sooner you acknowledge how you are feeling, the sooner you can process those feelings. And remember, this is a journey! Take it one step at a time.