Postpartum Services


We have several options for postpartum care. We have several packages including C-Section after care and Cuarentena healing ceremonies. You can add any postpartum package to your birth package or we have an hourly rate to meet your every postpartum need.

Bringing home a new baby can be quite an adjustment for new parents. Especially of one of them is recovering from giving birth! Postpartum doulas can be a life saver! We have two different types of postpartum care. You can chose one or both packages to help your family heal and adjust to your new tiny family member!


In many cultures around the world the belief that the first 40 days postpartum are crucial to healing have led to many wonderful traditional methods of care for new mothers. In Mexican tradition, Mothers are cleansed, adjusted, wrapped and heard. These sacred ceremony are designed to help the mother return to herself and heal her body and soul. For this package you will receive:

  • 5 visits each lasting 2-3 hours

  • A healing herbal bath

  • a belly massage,

  • a rebozo adjustment and binding,

  • postpartum tea,

  • a nourishing meal and

  • time to process the changes you have recently experienced

  • The curarentena Package is $500


Traditional Postpartum Care

Your postpartum doula is here to anything you need! Including:

  • Light house keeping

  • Older sibling care

  • Meal preparation

  • Overnight care

  • Infant feeding support

  • Birth processing

  • Emotional and mental health well being checks

  • Postpartum care starts at $25/hour

C-section after care plans:

Planned or unplanned C-sections require extra care as you heal. If you purchased a birth package and your plans change to a planned c-section then you will receive 4 hours day of-care, and 16 hours postpartum care.

Planned C-section plans start at $500. This includes 20 hours postpartum care and 5 hours day of care. More hours can be added for $25/hour

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