Sarah has been my Doula for my last 2 home births and what a blessing she has been! She first Doula'd for me in March of 2015 when my second boy was born, and I don't think I could have done it without her! She is intuitive to my needs,  and she has the strength needed for intense counter pressure during contractions and gentleness of touch and voice to help any panicking mother stay calm.

With my 3rd baby boy in July 2016 I went into Labor at 3:00 AM 10 days early! Sarah had been camping, her phone wasn’t working and it took some time to get a hold of her (we sent a friend in the middle of the night to fetch her). As soon as she heard she drove over an hour to my house and was there by 4:30. I have really fast labors and the baby was born at 5:45, so she was there for the hard/important part. This proved a lot to me - That no matter the situation Sarah will never let you down and will never let anything get between her and the moms that she serves!

She has been very sensitive to my needs and very protective of my wants. The best part is her ability to interpret your needs and communicate in a firm but kind manner to your care providers what you need when you as a laboring mother are (understandably) having a hard time being nice and communicating. She knows how vulnerable you feel, she's been there and will not let any of her clients have things/procedures they are being pressured into.  I really can't say enough! She is amazing!

Hillary P.

Sarah was incredible with our birth. I highly recommend her.
She is knowledgeable, caring and knows just what to do to make you feel supported during birth. My husband and I had not had a Doula before and the experience we had with her was beyond what we expected. Thanks, Sarah, for being a part of our memorable childbirth.



Jayde was simply wonderful as a doula! She is truly gifted at and dedicated to what she does. She's funny, relaxed, and knowledgeable. Jayde was very supportive of my birth plan, and helped my husband and I fine tune it, and understand how to talk to our doctor about it. While Jayde advocates natural childbirth, as most doulas would, she completely supports whatever birth plan the expectant mother chooses. I was overdue and had to be induced with my first son. My biggest goal for this birth was to go into labor on my own, and I was determined to do so. However, it was discouraging that even at 41 weeks, I was still not dilated at all, and baby was very high. As my doula, Jayde instructed my husband and me in acupressure points that would help the baby to drop, and get labor started. She said that she would even drive an hour to my house a couple times that next week to try to help me start labor. She was willing to do anything and everything to help me feel comfortable and reach my goal of not being induced. When I finally did go into labor (11 days late), Jayde was right there by my side. From the moment she stepped into the room during my labor, her calming personality surrounded us. Jayde had many tricks up her sleeve to help me stay as relaxed and focused as possible and get through the labor. She always knew the right thing to say and do. She was ready to help me do the things she knew would make a positive difference to my experience, while ensuring that I felt comfortable and happy with my decisions. Jayde was hands-on, helping calm me during painful contractions. She massaged me and used pressure points to move my labor along and get me ready to push. She constantly reminded me to breathe deeply, and to focus on the outcome. She also helped my husband feel confidant in his role as my labor coach and partner. I would 100% recommend Jayde as a doula for anyone looking to have a wonderful childbirth experience. She is incredible, and I definitely plan to use her again in the future.

Lauren M.

I only wanted a Doula without hypnobabies stuff, so not as much prep was necessary. Even still, Sarah still went above and beyond. She helped me get nursing stuff and she made perinatal ice packs that were incredible for post-birth recovery outside of the hospital. She was very understanding and let me commiserate about pregnancy, birth, recovery, and nursing which was exactly what I needed.

Sarah's counter pressure while I was in labor was a LIFESAVER. It was the only thing that helped me not writhe on the floor in agony or commit murder, probably. She was able to coach me on the best relief for my contractions and she also made sure that I stayed fed and had energy for pushing out my baby. My childbirth experience was unique in that I was having extremely strong contractions for 46 hours before I got to meet my son—Sarah was still able to help me along that journey and supported me through terrible hospital staff and helped me stay calm through (most) of the experience. Despite the long labor, we were still able to not have a c-section.

Sarah completely blew us out of the water! We weren't planning on having a Doula again for any future children, but my husband and I are 100% planning to use her again if we have any more children because she was so incredible

Hannah SJ.